Ranger Rover Evoque: The 4×4 Convertible You Must Drive

Range_Rover_Evoque_top_channel_live_onlineI’m sure the Range Rover Evoque Convertible would do well on the school run according to top channel live online. However, that didn’t seem like a very fun test. So instead we decided to take it up the mountain. Of course cynics will claim that a convertible 4×4 basically acknowledges that individuals don’t drive their off-road vehicles any place more dangerous than the B roads of Surrey. Said in a whisper to top channel live online – they may have a point. Since the car I am testing is mainly going to be seen on Southern England streets during the middle of the summer, you might be wondering why I took it in mid winter into the Southern Alps. It’s because this one is being reviewed for the cynics and to discover if there is more substance than style to this vehicle.

2017-land-rover-range-rover-evoque-top-channel-live-onlineSince the production of the original Evoque started in 2011, it has definitely turned many heads. However, by cutting the roof off, Land Rover has definitely made this an even more striking convertible model. On the sides of the car are horizontal grooves that rise slightly from the front to the back, which provides the car with an aerodynamic appearance. top channel live online said when this is combined with its open-design it draws attention to a very impressive rear end. The interior has a very luxurious feel to it and the hardtop as well. The cabin still feels spacious, even though it is fairly small for an SUV.

The onboard computer on the hardtop model was updated, following customer feedback. It had been fairly clunky, and comes standard with all of the convertible models. If during the past five years you have used a smartphone, then you will find it easy to use, responsive and intuitive. However, if you haven’t been using a smartphone recently, then this car definitely isn’t for you.

Let’s get right down to it and discuss what’s over your head. Or more importantly what is not over your head. You can raise or lower the fabric roof at speeds as fast as 30 mph. To retract only takes 18 seconds, so you won’t ever miss that half hour of summer in sunny England.

Those who might be concerned about your comfort being affected by the soft-top don’t have anything to worry about. Once the roof is retracted, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the original model and this one. The poly acrylic fabric on the roof helps to keep noise out and heat in. Even with the roof down, the cabin is still very quiet, even when going at motorway speeds. However, when the windbreak located behind the two front seats is used it segregates you effectively from anybody riding in the back seat.

Range-Rover-Evoque-topchannelThere are some compromises to this Convertible. They have removed the back middle seat to make space for the folding mechanism. Also the boot space has been reduced from 420 litres down to 251 litres. It is a good idea to check if your pushchair or bags will fit before purchasing the vehicle. Like all convertibles, you need to consider the extra weight the comes from the frame being strengthened. In the case of the Evoque, it is an added 277 kg.

That means that the car isn’t as eager to build speed up, even when it is in sports mode. However, unless you are attacking hills or corners with a vengeance or drag racing through traffic lights, it won’t really be much of a factor for you. If you do decide to venture away from the beaten track, it will acquit itself a lot better than a majority of 4x4s that are available in the marketplace that aren’t made by Land Rover.

The Terrain Response system on the Evoque Convertible means transitioning from the tarmac onto icy surfaces can be taken in stride. It can work its way easily up to 45 degree declines and inclines. You can also open or close the roof on two wheels, which will keep you dry even when rain clouds roll in while you are in very precarious positions. However, even if you happen to tip over, the roll bars will spring up and protect your skull from damage.

I wasn’t satisfied with it just being more robust than the whole public transport network of Great Britain. Following a night of heavy snow, I drove the Convertible off-road through fresh snow so that I could really put this car through its paces.

It easily plowed its way through the shallow snow. However, after my wheels sunk completely below the surface I started worrying if I had gone a bit over board with my test. It turns out I had nothing to worry about. The Evoque continued to soldier on resolutely with just a minimum amount of grumbling. Of course it would be much easier selling the Evoque Convertible just on style. That is why I have to be impressed with the fact that Land Rover didn’t skimp on any of its important off-road features.

So what if the cynics have been proven right? While we were driving back into the UK, I got a sense of the roads that most likely would be the main stomping grounds of the Evoque Convertible. I was struck by the fact that even if I end up only driving on Surrey’s mean streets, that I would rather have a car that I could drive just about anyplace than something that was limited to just school runs.

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